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Supplements: Brain C-13 - 30-Day Supply
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BuyGoods partners with Zenith Labs to create Brain C-13. This product is formulated and manufactured by Zenith Labs in accordance with BuyGoods highest specifications and requirements.

Marilyn Pittman, 74
Brain C-13 Customer

I love to play a lot of word games. But I suppose I was giving up and just accepting that memory decline is what happens in life. Since I started taking Brain C-13 it seems like I am much sharper and I even surprised myself with the harder word games. I have good recall and a healthy memory. I am very appreciative of this product!

Lynn McElfish Saccomanno, 60
Brain C-13 Customer

I have memory problems that made me depressed. I tried other products but they did nothing. Since taking Brain C-13 I can function at work better. I would recommend this.

Diane Lynch, 83
Brain C-13 Customer

My head has felt clear --- no trouble focusing!

Truly Vanbenschoten, 79
Brain C-13 Customer

I am very into vitamins and health foods, so when I read all the ingredients in Brain C-13, I felt very sure they would be helpful. Since I started using Brain C-13, I am thinking clearly. I can’t wait for Fantasy Football to begin this year. I feel sure Brain C-13 will help my thinking process! I even went to the store and forgot my grocery list, but I found I didn’t need it— I remembered everything. That was amazing to me. Others should TRY IT.

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